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9th June 2008, 16:57
Hi all,

I'm looking to sell some of my Amiga stuff to raise some cash. Is anybody interested in the following?

Amiga 1200 in standard case with spare motherboard and cabling, 2 external and 1 internal floppy drive(s). The drives need fixing but the A1200 and its spare motherboard all work fine. The floppy drive has been replaced with a fan to cool the 1240 below, but this is completely reversible. Comes with powerpack, mouse, and a scruffy but original box - 30

Apollo 1240 25Mhz board with 16MB Ram - This is also working fine. It has a damaged second simm socket, but the primary one is working perfectly and this card runs fine in the machine above. There is also a heatsink on the processor - 75

Laptop hard disk with OS 3.0 installed (its either a 20GB or 40GB) - 15

A4000 Keyboard (no adaptor to test it though) - 15

If someone is willing to buy (and collect) the lot, I can throw in a 21" TV, some boxed games, and a few other sticks of memory for the 1240 (unsure how big they are). I'm looking for 120 for the whole lot. I'm happy to accept payment via paypal for any items that get posted. I'd prefer to ship within the UK, but can post abroad if thats where the buyer lives.

Thanks for taking a look


9th June 2008, 17:01

Is the 4000 keyboard a UK layout?

If so I'm interested in it.

How much with UK postage and payment by paypal?

Ta, Dave G 8)

9th June 2008, 17:16
As "TheCorfiot" has not posted yet might i suggest interest on his behalf with the Apollo 040@25 :)

we get to talk a fair bit and i know he is looking for one ;) :D

9th June 2008, 17:17
HI Davideo,

Yup, the keyboard is a UK model. It is a long time since I used it, but last it was used, it was working fine. And it has been stored in a cool dry place :-)

Shall we say 5 delivery in the UK? That would be for standard parcels. I would say 10 for a faster next day delivery. I'm happy to say 15 even through Paypal. I dont like surcharging people just for a few pence.



9th June 2008, 17:19

"TheCorfiot" has already expressed his interest, so I will say that until I hear from him, the 1240 is reserved for him.

I guess I'll be splitting this sale after all :-)

9th June 2008, 17:25

Thanks - my buggers USA layout - right pain in the ass at times :(

If you let me know your paypal address I'll get it paid now.

Dave G 8)

9th June 2008, 17:26
Thanks Zetro,

Mike PM sent

9th June 2008, 17:34
Thanks Zetro,

Mike PM sent

Not received so far? Should it be instant?

9th June 2008, 17:48
Mike sorry for the delay, I'm in work at the mo.
Have sent PM now.

9th June 2008, 20:41
Payment Sent via paypal

Thanks Mike, Look forward to a speedy receipt.


BTW How rude of me :oops: , Big Thanks to all at Amibay esp my good friend Zetro, can't remember the last time i used fleabay

10th June 2008, 19:09
Keyboard picked up from Mike at local services.

Excellent condition and fully working.

Mike you were right - I owe you 5.00 please confirm your Paypal address and I'll pay you tonight.

Ta, Dave G 8)

11th June 2008, 12:25
Rxed Apollo 1240 from Mike in post today, Super fast Delivery & well packed.

Initial Tests show the card working a treat & actually @32MHz
Im Motorollin.. :lol:

Thanks Mike excellent card & superb service, Good luck with your other items

All the Best

Kin Hell
15th June 2008, 13:03
@ mikedoubleu

Would you mind updating your First post please. The thread will then reflect a more accurate representation of just what is still available.

Cheers bud, :)


31st August 2008, 16:54
the apollo 040 works?
Have problems?
can i have some photo to this mail ( dartagnan84@msn.com)
Shipping cost to italy?

3rd September 2008, 13:20
has the 1240 gone? if not email at [EDIT by moderator] cheers john.