View Full Version : For Sale Various Atari ST games (boxed + tested+working)

24th September 2013, 22:59
I offer some boxed Atari ST games.
All are tested and working (except Firezone :-():

Rubicon : EU version (en/fr/it/de), including poster 15

Supremacy : UK (english manual). Small crack at the lower edge 10

Wolfchild : EU version (en/fr/de) 10

Snowstrike : EU version (en/fr/de/it) 8

Kult : EU version (en/fr/de). Small damage on back and bottom (paper tear, see foto) 10

Baal : English box/manual 10

Dominator : English box/manual, box is a bit mashed 7

Volleyball Simulator : EU version (en/fr/it), including poster. Attention: this one is a bit smelling, got it that way and it is not much better than at that time (thanks to some paper + plastic wrapping) 7

Fire Zone / Firezone : German version, german manual - disk 2 is missing, disk 1 label is off (but there) 4

Murders in Venice : EU version (en/fr/de). Incredible lot of goodies, I do not know if it is complete (I counted 20 pieces of paper, small metal things etc.) 10

Price + shipping. Payment via Paypal (I cover the fees).

Estimated shipping (single medium box): 3,45 worldwide as letter (with lots of bubblewrap this works quite good). Big boxes or combined: in box with insurance and tracking: ~9 Europe, ~15 worldwide. For details please ask.

I have detailed fotos of each game boxes, so just tell me.