View Full Version : Sold Atari STFM 520

25th September 2013, 14:12
I'm selling this as I never use it. It works, booting straight from the floppy drive, and into the GEM desktop.
Bubble Bobble is not included, and is just shown for demonstration purposes.
It does include a Bug joystick and mouse.

I'm looking for 20, plus P&P.

25th September 2013, 19:21
Declaring interest... .

26th September 2013, 03:33
Also declaring interest (2nd in line), depending on shipping cost to spain :-)

26th September 2013, 16:22
id be interested (UK) :)

26th September 2013, 23:24
Just so everyone knows, I have been a bit surprised by how many of my items have received interest already, and am also working a couple of awkward shifts at the moment so am doing my best to get things packaged up to weigh and get accurate shipping quotes. I will let the first in lines for all my items know as soon as possible over the next day or two, and will get quotes for others as I get to them in line.
Thank you all for your patience.

26th September 2013, 23:30
Id send UPS to pick it up, assuming your going RM ? Probably end up costing twice as much these days :roll:

29th September 2013, 21:36
I got a few quotes from Parcel2Go, and the cheapest for Denmark and Spain were 21.59

The Uk is 7.50

30th September 2013, 23:30
Id be happy to pay that.