View Full Version : Sold Amstrad CPC6128, RGB Scart & external 3.5" floppy

25th September 2013, 14:43
This is a bit of a wrench as I really do like my Amstrad.
This is the CPC6128. I don't know if the 3" drive works, as I've never used it preferring to use the external 3.5" floppy drive. However the system works nicely as is.
It comes with;
Original Box
3.5" floppy drive
2x boxed Amstrad joysticks (one has a faulty button)
a pile of blank floppy discs.
I will also include my second CPC6128 which is faulty. It needs replacement RAM chips. I removed the originals, and have fitted sockets, but have not found suitable replacements to fit. I will include a stack of RAM I removed from a +2 which are direct replacements (if I can find them), but there appears to be a couple of faulty ones which I was unable to identify.

I'm looking for 110, plus P&P

25th September 2013, 17:00
How much is shipping to Italy??

26th September 2013, 22:28
Just so everyone knows, I have been a bit surprised by how many of my items have received interest already, and am also working a couple of awkward shifts at the moment so am doing my best to get things packaged up to weigh and get accurate shipping quotes. I will let the first in lines for all my items know as soon as possible over the next day or two, and will get quotes for others as I get to them in line.
Thank you all for your patience.

29th September 2013, 20:55
Thank you for your patience. A courier to Italy is 27.00

1st October 2013, 06:02

Pending a couple of questions by PM :)

3rd October 2013, 08:56
HI @r0jaws, my friend.

Any update?

3rd October 2013, 13:14
I haven't heard anything from Irvo81. If you don't mind, I'll PM him, and if I hear nothing by this time tomorrow, it's yours.

3rd October 2013, 20:21
Sorry for the delay....interest withdrawn due to shipping costs :(

4th October 2013, 06:23
Hi, again

PM sent :)

5th October 2013, 20:52
Hello @r0jaws

As agreed, payment sent :thumbsup:

5th October 2013, 21:43
....and received, thank you. :)
I will book the courier and let you know the details.

5th October 2013, 21:49
Great! :thumbsup:

I wait your news :)

16th October 2013, 08:36

Sorry for the delay to update the thread. The package has arrived few days ago. :thumbsup:

I can't test it now, but everything seems to be OK :)

Feedback on the way :)

18th October 2013, 15:49
Feedbacks done :)

I will close this thread now.