View Full Version : Found Roland MPU-401/AT or compatible

26th September 2013, 21:48
Hello everyone! :)

I am new to amibay and I hope, that i did everything right :)
I am searching for a working Roland MPU-401/AT ISA card or a compatible, like Midiman 401, Music Quest MQX-16(s).
An alternative would be the Roland MPU-IPC-T (card & breakout box) :)
I live in Germany, so I will pay in and the price should contain the shipping costs :) I will use PayPal (also 1st time :D )

Sorry for my bad english, I learned it in school, but this was a couple of years ago :oops:


26th September 2013, 22:02
sending PM :)

26th September 2013, 22:27
Hello keropi, i also sent you a PM :lol:

26th September 2013, 22:41
deal made with Pantherfibel

2nd October 2013, 22:08
I got the Card today and everything is perfect! :lol:

Edit: I paid 58 Euros and after 4 days i got the packet today. The card and equipment works fine, no damages or issues.

2nd October 2013, 22:10
can the final sale price be added to the end of the thread please and the usual feedback


2nd October 2013, 22:43
yep, everything was great, thanks Pantherfibel :)