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27th September 2013, 05:11
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone know of a *reliable* and *cost effective* service person to fix a few of my Amiga 1200 Accelerator cards.

I have a Blizzard 1230MkIV, won't boot or be detected in the early startup menu. Also same for the Blizzard 1260. Both CPU do get warm so there's sufficient power coming from my Amiga 1200 Tower. It has a 300w ATX Power supply direct to FDD Port.

Similar problem to the Blizzard PPC Accelerator Card, but I think the ROM chip needs replacing in order for it to work. It has a PPC CPU @ 200mhz (never oveclocked, jumper settings are right) and a MC060 CPU @ 50Mhz. Both crystals have been replaced but with no luck! :( :( Thanks! :)

PS. I heard that there is a Polish gentleman who is an *expert* of fixing Blizzard Accelerator cards, as well knowing the in's and out's of overclocking them. If he is here, pls get in touch with me asap. I would love to have a PPC Based Amiga 1200 Tower working in mine, rather than using my Apollo 040 Card at the moment!! (Better games my friends - seriously!) :lol:

Hoping you can help! :thumbsup:

27th September 2013, 08:39
Stachu100 is the user you refer to.

Are you sure the issue lies with your cards and not with the A1200 150pin connector / PSU?

27th September 2013, 11:40
I can second Stachu100. Just had my Blizzard 603e PPC updated by him. He is fast and reliable.

27th September 2013, 16:05
Yup. The 150pin connector has been cleaned on both sides, it is fully functional with an Apollo 1230LC and Apollo 1240 in my Amiga 1200 Tower. The motherboard revision is 1D3.

I've tried the cards in a brand new Amiga 1200 Magic Pack (manufactured by Escom) with an external ATX power supply (re-wired for amiga), won't work as well with the FDD Connector. Same result again. The motherboard revision is 1D4.

I have tried to get the menu of the accelerators (forgot I think it was F2 or something). Also failed. I have cleaned and checked the pins on the Accelerator cards, won't work.

If I unplug the accelerator cards out, my Amiga 1200 boots up fine. All I get is a grey screen. Any clues ppl?

I have ordered another fully working Blizzard 1230IV. The seller showed me pics of it prior to sale, working on his Amiga. This also works fine in my A1200 Tower. So it must be the accelerator cards then!!! *sigh*. I really don't know what else to do?

Just to mention also, the accelartor cards were sold on the other bayer site, some with or without cpu's, clock crystal oscilliators and with no RAM. So I guess I bought a defective bunch! :(( And it's gonna cost me some more!

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I can second Stachu100. Just had my Blizzard 603e PPC updated by him. He is fast and reliable.

Stacchu is the person whom I'm looking for!! How do I get in touch with him these days?? Thanks!!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

27th September 2013, 20:03
Just drop him PM, he is around :).