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29th September 2013, 21:57
This time a real beauty has to leave my home,

an Atari 800 XL (PAL) in perfect shape and 100% working. It looks splendid, all keys and the case really do look nicely. I hope you can see that on the pictures.

This machine is clean and was professionally tested and refurbished to make sure that I will have a real nice machine to keep.

These modifications were done to make it a perfect machine to enjoy all there is for the Atari 8 Bit home computers:

1.) It has the Ultimate 1 MB expansion inside.

Some features of this expansion are like:

configurable memory expansion with 4 modes of operation (disabled, 320k RAMBO, 578k COMPY SHOP, 1088k RAMBO)

fully flashable 4 OS ROM slots

fully flashable SpartaDOS-X with up to 320kbytes for its purposes

RTC module for SDX with battery backup and NVRAM

customizable BASIC and MISSLE COMMAND slots (also flashable)

System select/Memory exp mode select from integrated BIOS



2.) Stereo pokey pcb was installed, so you can enjoy all those nice stereo musics and demo soundtracks

3.) A sio2pc interface was built into the computer, your key to connect your pc to the atari. The pc will emulate a high speed disc drive, so you can load every disc there is directly into your atari without the need for a real floppy drive.
you will need a serial port on your pc or an serial to usb adapter which you can get easily for a few bucks in the stores.

check http://aspeqt.sourceforge.net/ for further details.

4.) S-Video fix was done to give you the best picture you can get with this machine. A cable for s-video and an adapter to scart is included in this pack and was just used for testing this machine and taking the photos.


This pack will contain the following items:

- 800 XL (PAL) in perfect shape with 100% function of all components
- built-in ultimate 1 MB upgrade
- stereo pokey
- Sio2PC connection
- S-Video fix
- Atari Powersupply
- S-Video cable with adapter to Scart (new cable)
- Cinch cable for the audio (can be connected to the Scart adapter, too) (new cable)
- Aerial Cable (you better won't use that one if you can avoid it) (new cable)
- Serial connection cable (you might need a cheap serial2usb adapter if you use a pc without serial interface, I can give you further details if needed) (new cable)

I can provide some software and a joystick if needed, too.

For this nice collectors machine I would like to have 150 Euros + shipping, paypal prefered

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

29th September 2013, 22:21
i am not declaring interest but this is wow collection!!!! :thumbsup:

29th September 2013, 22:36
Interested, PM on the way :)

29th September 2013, 22:55
PM replied

29th September 2013, 23:01
Thanks, interest withdrawn!

12th October 2013, 22:37
now for sale elsewhere, too

15th October 2013, 07:38
Thread can be closed, atari was sold outside of Amibay.