View Full Version : Closed Amiga 4000, 1200

14th March 2010, 13:24
Required some parts for the Amiga 4000, Could be a bad PCB, require some chips.
also repairing an a1200, need parts and accesories
send email for details

14th March 2010, 20:50
Hello and welcome to Amibay!

You might want to be a bit more specific about which bits you need, so others know if they can help out. If you're looking for specific chips, let us know which ones you want. You might also want to check out http://www.vesalia.de/ as they have a few of the custom chips for sale.

P.S. I hope you're good with SMD soldering if you're working on A1200 and A4000s :-)

Good luck in your search.