View Full Version : The Hall of Electric Dreams

1st October 2013, 14:55
Some of you may have noticed that a new area was quietly and reverently introduced to the site overnight.

This area is called the 'Hall of Electric Dreams', an area where the lesser-known but highly respected members of the retro forums and communities can be remembered. It's our 'Digital Cenotaph' and 'Chapel of Rest' for those that are no longer with us, but are sadly still missed.

We felt that these not-so-famous people needed to be remembered by those communities that they were involved in and the lives that they touched, so we created this area for you to show your respects to those that are no longer with us.

Please feel free to post your messages of remembrance in this area, but please observe the rule that this is an area for commemoration and reflection.


The AmiBay Team.