View Full Version : Closed Wanted: ROM upgrade for A590

15th June 2008, 14:43
Hi All,

I recently accepted a box of games from a gentleman who used to own an AMiga 500, but no longer had it and wanted to give the games to someone who'd use them. Lo and behold, there was also joysticks, the A500 PSU and an A590 with PSU in there (as well as mouse, modulator and a bunch of cables).

The A590 has a sticker saying "Populated with 2MB RAM" and the normal silvery sticker stating 20MB XT drive. I'm interested in upgrading this puppy to a 9GB SCSI drive. I believe I'll need ROM version 6.6 or 7.0. Are these easily available? I don't have facilities to burn binary files to a EEPROM (or similar), so I'd need a flash upgrade (I doubt such a thing existed) or some known working ROMs pulled from a dead A590. (Isn't the A2090 or A2091 the same as an A590 but in Zorro form factor, and use the same ROMs)