View Full Version : Found Dot-Matrix printer that uses fanfold paper

16th March 2010, 11:02
I'd like to get hold of an old-skool dot-matrix printer that uses fanfold (tractor feed) paper. It's to be used on a peecee, so a parallel/centronics interface is needed.

Please let me know what you've got! ePay sellers (as usual) are expecting way too much for one!

16th March 2010, 11:27

I have a citizen swift 9 dot matrix printer, boxed with all manuals etc. It can be used as friction feed or tractor feed (both push or pull if i recall correctly). Uses "old school" centronics/parallel port. :D

Boxed with all manuals and even comes with a proper amiga driver/software pack if needed. :D

Pm for discussions on delivery etc.

16th March 2010, 11:42
I'd forgotten you had one of those up for offer too. Yes, that sounds ideal for our needs. I'll PM you!