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6th October 2013, 01:12
Domino Graphic card 1 Mo: 160$ including shipping in the US
******* PRICE DOWN *********
$140 including shipping in the US

Domino was produced by Village Tronic, today famous for Picasso II/II+ and Picasso IV, but it was distribute by X-Pert Computer Services.

This is an extremely rare video card for the Commodore Amiga 2000, 3000, or 4000.

The Domino board itself is a bit to big for Amiga3000 and Amiga4000, as it was made with the Amiga 2000 in mind. If you remove the card mounting rails, it can be made to fit nicely.
-> I'm using it on my Amiga 4000 however without any problem

Domino can be used in any Amiga with 68020+, a free Zorro II slot and OS 2.x for the original Domino workbench emulating or EGS and 3.x for Picasso96 or Cybergraphics. You would need at least a 68020


Company X-Pert Computer Services / Village Tronic, Germany
Date 1992
Amiga A2000, A3000, A4000
Interface Zorro II
Autoconfig ID 2162 / 1,2 - 2167 / 1,2

RTG graphics card
the card has a standard ISA connector with a PC display card plugged into it
Tseng Labs ET4000

six predefined screen modes
12801024 87 Hz interlaced, up to 16 colours from a 18 bit (262144) palette
1152900 60 Hz, up to 256 colours from 18 bit
1120832 65 Hz, up to 256 colours from 18 bit
1024768 70 Hz, up to 256 colours from 18 bit
800600 72 Hz, up to 32768 colours from a 15 bit (3276:cool: palette
640480 81 Hz, up to 32768 colours from 15 bit

socket for monitor switcher
video pass-through connector
HD15 VGA connector
CyberGraphX 2, Picasso96, EGS and custom drivers
supported by NetBSD and OpenBSD
taken from http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/domino (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/domino)

Both the original Domino workbench emulation and EGS/CGX/P96 all needs it.

It's based on the mighty Tseng Lab ET 4000

This card is supported by the Mac emulators EMPLANT and FUSION, as well as various other graphics programs and environments (such as EGS and Picasso 96).

-> I'm using it with an emplant card

Also the card has the very rare option video pass-through connector
-> The switcher-chip allow you to switch between RTG mode and native mode.

If you have a scandoubler card with a VGA output, you connect it to the Domino
It allow you to use only 1 monitor whatever the resolution you are using!

Here is a video of the pass-through on my system: click here (http://youtu.be/4vzkeuhB6FI)

For more detailed information including driver software: click here (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/domino) or you can use Picasso 96 (This is what I'm using on my Amiga)

6th October 2013, 09:43
Interested pending postage, PM on the way.
Interenst withdrawn.

7th October 2013, 17:39
Posting to Europe will be 26$



11th October 2013, 17:03
price down to 140$

7th April 2016, 03:51
price down to 140$
Declared interest if:

1. Card is still for sale
2. Would work with A3000D with a 3640 with Zorro II

I{m also sending you a PM with same questions.

7th April 2016, 15:33
Interested. Oh dear...,2013!

not going to get excited....