View Full Version : Closed 72 pin 128mb SIMM's 60ns

16th March 2010, 20:09
Am looking for 2 of these for my Blizzard PPC, if anyone can help.

16th March 2010, 20:23
I have 2x128MB modules that I can part if you're interested.
Price for both are 45 euro plus shipping.

Both are working 100% and were drawn from my BPPC setup once I got 2 of lower profile.

Edit: Just for info... The 1 of the 2 modules has 1 vertical row of chips and 1 horizontal row of chips making it kinda big :)
If you're interested in putting it in a Desktop case you'll probably need to hack the floppy drive holster as it's too big to fit on the lower simm base. I think you can see that from the photo attached.
The other one is 100% unopened :)

16th March 2010, 20:30
PM sent

16th March 2010, 23:48
Still searching.

30th April 2010, 14:38
Mods, please close. No longer searching.