View Full Version : Closed MS-DOS 6.22 / 7.01 & Windows 3.11

10th October 2013, 03:29
I am looking for MS-DOS 6.22 / 7.01 and Windows 3.11. Please get in touch when you want to sell your OEM / COA sets. Thanks. :thumbsup:

10th October 2013, 11:17
I have to sell Windows 3.1 BOXed

10th October 2013, 15:08
Thank you for your feedback. In case I cannot find 3.11 in North America, I may take you up on the offer.

10th October 2013, 15:41

I still have the Windows/dos6.2 book and the windows 3.11 install disks, but no dos and not tested

11th October 2013, 13:43
Nice. I bought MS-DOS 6 yesterday [$xxxx] and am watching 6.2. How much would shipping be from UK to US?

15th October 2013, 14:38
Bought Windows 3.11 yesterday so I am all set. Thanks again everyone. :thumbsup:

15th October 2013, 15:10
Does this mean you bought what you were after from elsewhere, or was it from within Amibay? If the latter is true, feedback is to be exchanged. If not, we can close this thread.

17th October 2013, 14:04
Bought it all outside Amibay so this topic can be closed and archived. Thanks again. :)