View Full Version : For Sale VARIOUS ATARI STFM KITS & PCB's

11th October 2013, 20:16

I have discounted some PCB only prices down to just 5. Some kits which were assembled and tested I have reduced the price making them cheaper, however they are not assembled. Half the cost in producing kits its the amount of time needed to assemble them. So prices have been reduced making some items cheaper but will need assembly.

I am offering various other items now (and in the future) in order to recover some funds for current developments. I have around 10 of the 4MB simm adapters and V5.3 floppy kits & ROM adapter pcbs. I will supply roms at a later date but its not high up on my to do list. If anyone wants to buy most (or all) of the PCB stocks then ask me and I will count how many there is. PCB's are being sold almost "at cost" to clear, making way for other items.

I have a lot of projects on the go at the moment which is soaking up some serious at the moment, so help a guy out http://www.atari-forum.com/images/smilies/icon_lol.gif

29th September 2014, 18:47
Thanks for everyones orders. All orders have been shipped out http://www.atari-forum.com/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif

The last 4MB simm kit sold today. I am not planning on making anymore , unless there is enough demand to get another PCB run done.

I do have it in mind to develop a new more universal RAM kit in the future, to fit more motherboard revisions, but with so many Marpet ones floating about at the moment I am not sure if it would be worth spending the time on ?

At the time of typing, there is 2 floppy PCB kits left, and 2 full kits left. I do not plan to produce those again, I think most people are moving away from floppies these days anyway.

I have designed a plug in kit for those who can't solder. Similar to the Marpet design, only not using simms. This one will plug over the MMU and SHIFTER like marpet, but there won't be the huge simm board. The RAM is a very small Ic on top of the MMU. Its a tight fit for a 2 layer PCB, but it can be made to fit, and the overall PCB size is only a fraction larger than the MMU socket. So the kit will plug into probably all STFM's with a socketed MMU.

These kits I will have to assemble myself as its all SMT, so the price will be a fair bit higher than the older solder in types I was selling. Probably looking around 30 for the kit ready to plug in. Which is probably about the price the Marpet ones are going for, only mine should be a lot more reliable with less "clutter" and cables inside the ST. If there is enough interest I will put in for the PCB order, but need around 10 orders before I will produce these. Anything less than 10 and the price would just end up doubling. I will post back in a couple months time and see what demand is like and if the kits are going into production or not.

Incidentally, the solder in KIT I can still produce the PCBs, I still have 100+ 4MB simms, but as mentioned before, its hard to obtain the simm sockets now. In anycase, if anyone wants to put a small bulk order in for the PCBs only then its not a problem to get more of those made.