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12th October 2013, 19:22
Clearing out the attic, keep on finding stuff i never knew i had.
On offer: a bunch of Commodore games on tapes.

Please note that these games are untested, and given the talent to deteriorate of the medium involved (tape), i presume half of them will not work. Ergo: selling them as faulty, as is, or whatever you want to call it.

Game, Set & Match - Tape Only
More Adventures Of Big Mac The Mad Maintenance Man - Tape + Inlay
Spacewalk - Tape + Inlay
Multimixx Par 3 (3 game pack) - Tape + Inlay
Wargames Series: Iwo Jima - Box, Tape + Manual
Nato Commander - Box, Tape + Manual
Toy Bizarre - Box, Tape + Manual
Hover Bovver - Box + Tape
California Games - Tape + Inlay + Manual (big casette box)
Super Huey - Two Tapes + Inlay + Manual (big casette box)
Trivial Pursuit, Special Commodore Pack - Big Box + 4 Tapes: Trivial Pursuit, Blockbusters, The Krypton Factor, Every Second Counts

Asking 16 euro, plus postage. Paid via paypal as a gift.


13th October 2013, 20:09
Got my c64s out of storage, started testing, what a tedious thing. Score 1 out of 3 (Nato worked, Iwo Jima and Spacewalk didn't)... Don't have time to test all the others, so whoever likes a gamble: 5 euro for the lot!

14th October 2013, 22:27
Declaring interest. How much for P&P to the UK?

14th October 2013, 22:31
9 euro untracked is the cheapest.

14th October 2013, 22:37
PM sent and interest withdrawn for now.

15th October 2013, 08:05
Mods, please close, i will include these tapes in a general Commodore leftover sale. Thanks