View Full Version : Sold QL SuperCharge and Turbo

14th October 2013, 19:12
I have the original box for the Supercharge (SuperBasic Compiler) and a home-printed manual in a folder for Turbo. I have included all of the micro-drives that I have, be they hand-written or printed, of anything that refers to Turbo of Supercharge. No idea if they still work.

The box also contains the original manual.

To make this clear; software, original box, original manual and plastic folder for Turbo.

I think this should be about 8 including p&p.

21st October 2013, 15:06
Declaring interest - PM Sent

22nd October 2013, 16:09
Payment Sent :thumbsup:

23rd October 2013, 09:59
Wow that was fast - package arrived safely. Feedback left - Thanks. :thumbsup:

23rd October 2013, 21:29
No problem.Pleased it arrived safely.