View Full Version : Closed ZX81 & 16K ram pack, Speccy 128, +2 or +3 wanted

18th June 2008, 18:48
good condition zx81 (with ram pack, must be official sinclair model), speccy 128, plus 2 or plus 3 wanted, microdrives, multifaces etc, decent price payed for machine in good condition (im picky about condition, working and tatty is ok, but the better the nick the more i will pay, within reason) have other machines i can trade, dreamcasts, snes, nes etc, and a fair compliment of amiga hardware, as well as cold hard cash! im in Aberdeen so uk sellers prefferably, if the seller is in edinburgh, dundee or glasgow, i can likely pick it up as im often down those places with work. that would save some postage!

17th June 2009, 14:31
Hi there, I have a ZX81 with 16kb Ram pack in the loft. It's had the power supply hard wired to it so don't know if it's of interest to you. Would also need to take some photo's of it. I think it's in fantastic condition though.

Kind regards