View Full Version : Wanted Macintosh SE FDHD/SuperDrive [UK only!]

19th October 2013, 11:53
Hi all,
I am looking for a Macintosh SE FDHD/SuperDrive. It must be in reasonable conditions. Even a basic configuration with 1Mb and 1.44Mb floppy and without hard disk is fine, as long as it has a keyboard and mouse. I am only looking for offers from UK since I don't want to waste money on ludicrous shipping expenses.


7th February 2014, 21:22
have SE FDHD that actually came from Stafford Uni! this is in good condition-both functionally and cosmetically and I can probably find keyboard and mouse to suit.

one snag is that I live in France-but travel back to the West Midlands to see the family-so, if you can wait for my next visit.....

let me know if this is of interest.