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18th March 2010, 18:24
My CSPPC 060 operates at 66mhz.

I think that this could be one of the reasons to why it's unstable operating scsi (http://amibay.com/showthread.php?t=5213).

If you have a crystal, please let me buy it :)

Kin Hell
18th March 2010, 18:39
Meaning you lost the one I sent to you when you bought the card from me.
I have some others here but can't put my hands on them right now. :dry:

However, the SCSI on the card you bought from me is not over-clocked m8. I set the resistors to OC the CPU on the 66Mhz socket leaving 50 Mhz Xtal for the PPC & 50Mhz for the SCSI.

Its not the Over Clock causing any SCSI issues you might be having. Trust me.


18th March 2010, 18:41
It's in another amiga, a CS MkII which had a 75mhz crystal. That machine is out on loan to a friend of mine, in a city on the other end of the country.

So, no - not lost :)

Kin Hell
18th March 2010, 19:07
Ah m8y, I see. - But are you happy with my other comments above?

In all honesty & afaiac, you have something set not quite right with the SCSI devices you are using.

With a simple yes or no answer, do you have a SCSI Expansion port to the back of the Amiga from the CSPPC SCSI Header as well as the cable running to the internal devices?

I'd like to ask no one else to comment & clutter this thread until I've exhausted our options. - Just to keep it clean. Thanks folks. ;)


18th March 2010, 22:59
I think the setting up part must be splitted and throw in AmiOracle section.

What you think?

19th March 2010, 00:07
I agree, or software support.

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