View Full Version : Closed DOS 2.11 on 5,25" disk(s?)

25th October 2013, 08:01
Howdy guys,

Wondering if someone can help me out. Brought up an old Sharp PC-7000 from storage yesterday, and although it has all the books and even the sleeve of the 5.25" so-called Sharp PC-7000 Master Disk, the disk itself is nowhere to be found.

To confirm that this device is in a working state, i'm looking for either the mentioned master disk, or Dos 2.11 boot disk. (or disks, as i believe they came in a pair - not sure though).

Since i have no means to write 5.25" disks myself, i'm hoping someone here can help me out.


30th October 2013, 19:00
@mods: please close this thread, found some locally