View Full Version : For Sale Atari CX-2600 U "Woody" BOXED + 2 x joystick + 2 x paddle

30th October 2013, 12:36
For sale:

Atari CX-2600 U "Woody" BOXED + 2 x joystick + 2 x paddle

Good working order. Missing power supply. Some cosmetic damage to one of corners (see picture).

Price: 20GBP + P&P

I will post anywhere in the world:smile:

Payment by paypal (gift or +5% for paypal fees)

4th November 2013, 12:53

how much costs for Spain? and... you can tell a place to buy the power adapter? I would pay via PayPal =D

4th November 2013, 12:59
i'm interested buddy how much would postage be to norfolk

4th November 2013, 13:52
P&P to Spain - 20GBP
P&P in UK - 10GBP

PSU? You can use any 9V DC power supply with correct plug (standard size)

4th November 2013, 16:00
Perfect, give me paypal account and I'll pay it =)

7th December 2013, 11:59
Is the item still available?
If yes, i'm interested, depending on shipping costs to Italy.

7th December 2013, 12:26
I'm semi interested also but would like a zoomed out shot of the damaged area so I can see exactly where it is.

21st February 2014, 19:01
Well, after few (very few) communication, I never got my item. Never got my payment back or any reason why never arrived or why not giving my payment back.

He said he sent the items two times, due to problems with shippings, but I never got a single shipping number, from any shipping.

He never got more than 2 messages at week, and it was really hard to get explanations or any reasons why this situation happened.

This clearly smells like he has not the items, or he sold it to someone else and tried to have another item to sell it to me.

Just suppositions anyway.

21st February 2014, 20:12
His lack of delivery /poor comms / inadequate behaviour has been reported by me to mods, suggest you do the same.

I paid to <snip> on my thread. btw. did you?

Sorry I've had to snip the email address. Ask in PM please

21st February 2014, 20:16

We have had several complaints about retroworld and they are being investigated.

24th February 2014, 23:15
Sorry, may you point me what are the right actions to take, or if mod are already investigating it's unnecessary?