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20th March 2010, 22:53

20th March 2010, 23:42
Or Megachip (http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/megachip), right?

Kin Hell
20th March 2010, 23:45
@ rkauer

You probably already know it's the same company m8, just a different era. But there is still a MiniMegiChip (http://www.amiga-hardware.com/showhardware.cgi?HARDID=985)

Perhaps he has a specific reason for wanting that specific one. Does the same job though, yeah?


21st March 2010, 07:48

Jens Schoenfeld (Individual Computers) sells at the time some of them. They are new and come with full two Year warranty, unfortunely they are only in NTSC mode available.
Product name is: MegiChip A500/A1500/A2000 from ACT

Try to contact him over his website: www_jschoenfeld_de (sorry for the corrupt Link, but i am not able to post links until i have written more than 10 posts ...)

Kin Hell
21st March 2010, 10:30
I would think as' a UK user, he'd be needing a PAL version, but all the same, here's the link if it's any help.

> Individual Computers (http://www.jschoenfeld.de/) <


21st March 2010, 10:38
I have one of these in a A2000, you can switch to PAL in early startup menue, if you have Kick3.1.

21st March 2010, 11:26
Hi thanks for your help everyone I am old user who switched to winuae
when I was unable to buy an a1. When the SAM came out I returned
to the Amiga full time. Now with my new flat I have my own
computer room so I can have as meany Amiga's as I like!
Back in the 90's I had an A600 and A1200.
So now I am collecting a few classic Amiga's the 1st one an A500
as I did not have one back in the day and I am going to pimp
it out with ad on's , ks 3.1 will be one of the so I can use the NTSC unit! .
Seen Amiga kit sell them any way



28th March 2010, 14:07
It is possible to swap the NTSC agnus on the Megi chips Amigakit are selling for a PAL one, I did it on mine.
It was difficult to get the socket to line up fully due to components being in the way. (you don't have to use a socket though)

2nd September 2010, 14:18
Yeah same. I am looking for 2 x Pal megachip for Amiga 500, as well as the 8375 Super Angus

2nd September 2010, 14:45
Please do not bump old wanted threads: if you want something, start your own wanted thread please :) . Given this is 6 months old I'm closing it.