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22nd March 2010, 03:09
Yet another sale, should be the last one for a while...


All games 1 each! :o + 1.50 P+P (add 50p for each extra game you wish to buy).

Appart from:

Battlefield 1942 Collection: 4 (4 Discs in immaculate condition).

Ecco The Dolphon 5 (Quite rare to get hold of for PC).

The lot can be had for just 10! + P+P. :blink:

19th May 2010, 01:28
I would like to buy Battlefield 2 from you if it is in good condition and still has a working online key (so it can be played online as I'm interested in it for some online mods).

If so then I assume it will be 2.50 with postage. Please PM me your paypal details if that is OK and it does have the online key included.