View Full Version : Wanted Atari Falcon case and keyboard

16th November 2013, 17:06

Looking for empty case to Atari Falcon.

Even a working keyboard would be nice.

15th February 2014, 15:11
I have a spare Keyboard (grey keys) for sale. It is working and complete (all keys). The Keyboard Layout is german (QWERTZ)

I also have the metal shieldings for the board.

I also have a case, but the bottom is broken on back (but if you Close it, the part will not fall apart in any way) and an upper case which is modified from an ST, with original Atari Falcon Metal logo incl the plastic that is protecting against scratches.

I'm looking complete 45 EUR + shipping. Photos can be added on interest. Case and Keyboard is used.

Please tell me if interested. Thanks

15th February 2014, 21:17
PM sendt. :)

16th February 2014, 05:17
I attached some pics with description. You see all parts what is included and Details of the case. It's not perfect but better then nothing and the Grey Keyboard is an searched after item - so see the case as an Bonus.

the case will not fell apart, because the broken part is holded by the upper case as well as the metal shielding, so it cannot go inside the Atari Falcon case even if you touch it. Hope you know what I mean. :unsure:

Mainboard, floppy, screws etc. is not included. you get what you see in the Image where all parts are shown.

I will send you an pm and see what shipping will cost if interested after you saw the Images. PayPal is possible, yes. :)

Images are zipped and attached.

16th February 2014, 12:02
i have NEW lower plastic case original part for the Falcon

MINT, no yellowing

25 plus shipping

18th February 2014, 15:56
shipping Quote and info sendet to BuzzBrain

3rd May 2015, 14:29
shipping Quote and info sendet to BuzzBrainHey, did you sell these parts or are they still available?