View Full Version : Wanted SNES Games

17th November 2013, 21:04
Unboxed is fine. PAL (EU) or NTSC (USA) - I have both systems :)

Specific games i'm looking for are:

Donkey Kong Country II and III
Rock N Roll Racing
Pilot Wings
SMW 2 - Yoshi's Island

I'd also be interested in other games &/or lots as long as they are cheep n cheerful :D

I'd prefer unboxed loose carts, anything to keep the price & postage low :)

Can pay via paypal

18th November 2013, 05:06
I have all three streetfighters (jap)
Pop n twinbee (pal)
Castlevania 4 (usa)
Super rtype (usa)
Super off road (usa boxed & comp)
Fatal fury (jap boxed & comp)
Super star wars (pal)
Top gear (pal)

If they are of interest?

22nd November 2013, 17:15
on 5 and more games i will get discount on total price 5 euro, games are all pal , have donkey kong 2,3 , f-zero, yoshi island .... if you wish consoles i have all nes, snes, n64 , gamecube with cables and controllers

Beauty and Beast 14euro
fifa soccer 10e
Robocop vs terminator 19euro
GODS 13euro
Spiderman 12 euro
Aladdin 15 euro
Foreman Boxing 10 euro
Street fighter 15e
Street fighter II 17e
wrestle mania 10e
Soccer 7 euro
Air Cavalry 10euro
F-zero 11 euro
Paperboy 2 10 euro
r-type 11 euro
Mask 15 euro
Pitfall 10 euro
Dropzone 10 euro
Mickey magical quest 12 euro
Starwing 12 euro
RAW 7 euro
Joe & Mac caveman ninja 15 euro
Super tennis 5 euro
Lamborghini 5 euro
Rise robots 8 euro
wing commander 10 euro
Cool spot 5 euro
We are back 9 e
Pinocchio 10 euro
Animation 10 euro
vegas stake 10 euro
Bubsy II 25 euro
Mystical Ninja 25e
Turrican 35e
Drakkhen 20e
Castelvania IV 35e
Yoshi island 25e
Super Mario 17e
Zelda 30e german
zelda 40e english
Jurasic park 2 17e
Donkey kong 1 25e
donkey kong 2 27e
donkey kong 3 30e
double dragon V 25e
mario all star 17e
mario kart 33e
secret of mana 33e
super ghouls and ghost 20e
Mortal kombat ultimate 30e
PLOK complete 20euro
jimmy connors tennis complete 10euro
hulk box no manual 18euro
Mortal Kombat 3 NTSC 13 euro