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25th March 2010, 05:17
The following CD32 games are for sale. Bought them with the intention to keep but bills are piling up!

All games come in jewel cases and the discs are in good condition. Unless specified are complete but not big box.

Looking for 15 euro each. Discount for multiple purchases and save on shipping. Shipping will be about 3 euro a game or 5-6 games for 12 euro. I am in Australia. Take the lot (including litil devil big box) for 200 euro posted worldwide

Brian the Lion (disc only)
Syndicate (disc only)
Fire Force
Skeleton Krew
Alien Breed Tower Assault
The Chaos Engine
Pinball Fantasies
Mean Arenas
The Lotus Trilogy
Deep Core
Litil Divil BIG BOX - 30 euro

26th March 2010, 08:41
I want a quick sale. Will do 170 euros posted worldwide. Can provide photos and Ebay userid cavanor will provide my feedback.

26th March 2010, 09:21
Interested in Alien Breed Tower Assault...

(of course I need a CD32 to play it on... but I'm in the process of securing one ;-))


26th March 2010, 11:03
Decided to move to greedbay. (userid cavanor) I looked into postage and Australia Post does not appear competitive enough to ship individual games for under about 5-6euro postage each. :(

26th March 2010, 19:30
Then you want to close this thread?

26th March 2010, 22:09
yes please close thread moderators.

26th March 2010, 22:40
My turn rkauer :p

Thread Closed
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