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19th November 2013, 19:22
Hello to all. :)
Before half month start looking for a schematic on the Commando game, and thanks to admirably website work of Mr. Dan Boris, I succeed design the pcb. For the external dimensions I use as pattern the pcb of a Karateka cartridge.


- I decide to make a world wide edition which will may work on any PAL or NTSC A7800 console. This is possible with a very tiny pinhole on the side of the cartridge, who give access in an internal micro switch.

- The entire surface of pcb is ENIG coated (gold plated).

- Pokey ic is in NOS condition never used before, purchased from B & C Computer Visions and placed on a 40 pin socket. You now cause these ic's will not exist for ever, and therefore deserve our respect. :thumbsup: ;-)

- I have use plastic enclosures from original second hand Atari 7800 cartridges, without scratches etc.

- Last the decal on front and up edge is new and printed on PET glossy paper. A big thanks on KevinMos3 for the label arrangement.

Guys, if any of you would like to have a complete cartridge for your collection as is in photos below, I can make one for you.
Total cost including tracked shipping and Paypal fee will be 38 euro .

Thank you for looking. :thumbsup:





30th March 2014, 18:45