View Full Version : Closed Modded 'Phat' PS2 for Originals

20th November 2013, 21:55
Bro is after a modded PS2.
Wants a phat model old style.
One pad fine. Unboxed fine.

Not an expert on chips, but he wants it for multi region games.
Jpn US PAL - doesn't have to play back-ups, that isn't what it is for.

Thanks Guys

24th November 2013, 20:59
Don't need to chip them anymore - just get an official Sony memory card and a card reader - then install the FreeMCBoot software onto the card. The machine will then play imports, backups and all the homebrew/cheat/harddrive installer software as well.

25th November 2013, 21:56
I'd sooner just have one ready to play imports....
if not, I will take a look into that - Thank You :)