View Full Version : Wanted Mint Atari 800XL + Mint Atari 1050

21st November 2013, 18:25
Looking for a mint Atari 800XL - must be white, no scratches, with metal buttons and cartridge slot door in good condition. It can be the main unit only (no PSU necessary).

As for the 1050 disk drive - same condition, but I need the whole set (cable + PSU).

I don't care about boxes or manuals.

Thanks in advance, please PM me with offers!

20th December 2013, 15:34
I need to check how looks mine Atari 800XL if you are interested in boxed version (box is in very good state with all Styrofoam).
I have also 1050, but if memory serves is a little yellow. But still no big scratches etc. In worst scenario both units are yellow, but retro bright gel will do the thing and can look like new. I can find someone to do this if you are patient. Sending PM with details.