View Full Version : Closed Roland Sound Canvas OR Yamaha Equivalent

25th November 2013, 05:40
Hi, im looking for a MIDI sound module. I want to use it just for an old Windows 98/se machine i have. I would consider any of the Roland Sound Canvas models or a Yamaha like a YAMAHA SW1000XG (anything XG really).

25th November 2013, 07:12
are you after internal stuff like a midi daughterboard or external modules?

25th November 2013, 19:25
Whatever is cheapest. Its for midi in games. I'd take an external box a wave blaster add on or a full sound card. I have an soundblaster Awe 64 gold which can use the game port as a midi.

25th November 2013, 20:57
well, there is a 56GBP BIN SC-55mk2 here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ROLAND-SOUND-CANVAS-SC-55-MKII-midi-SYNTH-MODULE-/111224672538?pt=Keyboards_MIDI&hash=item19e581d11a , it's a great synth if you get it and the price is nice

25th November 2013, 21:03
I have a few wavetable daughtercards including a Yamaha DB50XG. Sending PM.

26th November 2013, 20:48
In case you want Roland quality I can sell you a Roland RAP-10 (SC-7 on an ISA card with high quality digital sampling and playback as well). I would be able to ship from the NL to GB the last week of December.

Let me know in case you are interested.

20th January 2014, 20:36
Sorry i ignored the posts here, i ended up getting a Yamaha MU 50 and TG100 modules later last year. Might be on the look out for something from Roland but not right now.

Close thread thanks.