View Full Version : Wanted Floppy and HDD cage for E/BOX 4000 ( elbox Power Tower 4000)

26th November 2013, 11:46
Looking for the front HDD/floppy cage and plastic slot covers.

Here is a pic of the tower:


Let me know what you have !

26th November 2013, 12:12
Do you mean the extra brackets at the rear of the tower for adding more HDD's? I have a spare set if you need them from my old Power Tower.

26th November 2013, 14:20
hmm...Well...I see now that I really don't need the brackets for mounting HDD at the rear....because the floppy cage will have 3 heights worth of space:picard ( and I will be using UWSCSI - IDE - CF anyways )

So...let me rephrase: Looking for the floppy cage and plastic slot covers to the before-mentioned power tower :D

26th November 2013, 14:31
Cool, if you need them in the future just let me know - they are only sitting in a box catching dust...

1st January 2014, 17:13
Still looking for a cage for the FDD:whistle:

19th January 2015, 13:23
Still looking in 2015 :)
please check the first post to see what Im looking for.