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28th November 2013, 09:50
Hello, I have for sale brand new Mediator 3000Di. It's cover with full 2 years warranty that starts on purchase day (I'm official Elbox (http://elbox.com/buy-pl.html) dealer).

You can read descritpion of new Mediator here (http://retroami.com.pl/product.php?id_product=69&id_lang=1).

Price I'm asking is 287,86 EUR + shipping cost.

Note that this item is also advertised elsewhere.

Payment by PayPal (as a gift or add 4% to covery PayPal fee) or IBAN.

I accept multiple currencies so if You want to pay in national currency, please PM me.

28th November 2013, 21:39
Item sold elsewhere. Mods please close the thread.