View Full Version : Closed Giving Away N64 Box Only (No Insert or N64)

28th November 2013, 19:48
Has now been sold elsewhere

I have up for grabs an N64 Box Only (No polystyrene Insert or N64). I brought it on eBay just for the polystyrene Insert, I have no need for the box so decided to give it to someone here who wants it.

It's not in a perfect cosmetic condition, few creases here and there (see pics) but it will do the job.

I don't want any money, you just need to cover postage (UK ONLY), cheapest price is MyHermes 4.20. It's light but a rather large box, however I'll only change you 3 as I really want this to go to a good home.

If you live near me, your more than welcome to come and pick it up to save that pesky postage. I live in the Bromley area of South London, UK.

16th January 2014, 13:34
I still have this if anyone wants it, I just bare to throw it away so I'll reduce postage to 3

25th January 2014, 20:04
Sold elsewhere