View Full Version : Wanted Datacorder lid/cover for Spectrum +2A

1st December 2013, 15:12
Anyone have a spare Datacorder lid/cover in good condition?

Just got hold of a very good, fully working +2A unit but the clear-plastic of the Datacorder itself is all scuffed (like someone's attacked it with sandpaper! :blink: ).

So just need a replacement to make this one dispaly-able :D

Any offers?

(Also, if someone could take me through the procedure of replacing it, that would be great! :thumbsup: It's been many, many years since I owned one of these...).

13th December 2013, 20:29
Ive been told that the same process that fixes scratches on CD's can be used on that clear plastic to make it like new again, im sure someone here knows more but to get that bit off theres a long "lip" at the bottom and at the top are two small lips on the top edge but to the sides, apply some pressure near the top edge from underneath and it should pop right off

13th December 2013, 20:50
The clear part comes off very easily. Push it to one side whilst gently pushing it up from underneath and it should come free.
As Macc says, it can be polished. Try sanding it with 1000 then 3000 grit paper and soapy water. Then use a car paint cutting compound and a microfibre cloth or old towel to polish it up.

14th December 2013, 12:01
No, sorry. not with this one. No way any sanding will take this off.

It's very bad, not just light surface scratches, I'm afraid... :(

14th December 2013, 23:06
Ahh. Never mind then. :(
I'll have a dig around my spares tomorrow and see if I have any decent ones and let you know. I do have one or 2 terminal +2s but they've been boxed away for about 9 months since I moved house so I can't remember what condition they are.

1st January 2014, 11:08

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23rd January 2014, 12:10
Still looking for a nice one... :thumbsup:

16th February 2014, 17:46
Still needed for my +2A.

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