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1st December 2013, 19:39
complicated story behind why it led to being fried by UK mains :double

anyway you turn your plain black model 2 saturn into a white one if you wish :)
7 + postage via paypal gift or +40p if purchase :)

id say with packing itd be just over 2kg so that will be 6.19 postage + 30p for a box for it :D

i have the other bits but they're broken. Only 3 of the 4 case screws are there and no cd drive cable (i use it for modding my other saturn), but all the shielding etc is present
What is definitely broken:
PSU (fried by wrong voltage) proper dead!
mainboard or lens control somewhere is fried, tried a western PSU which fitted the type so it did switch on, and it would play music cds but would hang when starting up games so guessing a small part has died, like my heart at this one's death.

please ask if you have any questions, i can remove any broken parts you don't want and bin them :) but i just wanted to show what you're getting


1st December 2013, 21:59
Is it a model one or a model 2 with round buttons? Not sure if you can put a model 2 into a model 1 case?

1st December 2013, 23:30
Declaring interest pending postage cost (UK) and photos?

1st December 2013, 23:38
Expressing interest.

I have a UK MK2 (round button) which has been modded. Since the mod all screws have been lost.

Does the one you're selling come with all screws, metal shielding etc.?

What's the cheapest UK delivery you could do?


2nd December 2013, 04:33
Declaring interest 3rd in line I think do you have any pic`s:thumbsup:

3rd December 2013, 10:47
sorry just got round to checking,

its a model 2 case! ill get photos when i get home!

postage will depend on how much of the machine you want ie weight ::)

it has all the innards like screws and shielding and stuff, i'll need to check amount of screws for certain!

royal mail for medium parcel lowest weight is 5.20

3rd December 2013, 19:51
declaring interest

4th in line? (bit optimistic really)

8th December 2013, 23:31
works been a pile of crap, not had any time to unpack it and get photos for people :)

i will get round to it! so so sorry!

9th January 2014, 11:24
sorry everyone i kind of disappeared off the radar....

anyone still interested???

9th January 2014, 11:52
1st or 20th - I don't know. Either way, I'm interested :) A quick photo and a quote to Denmark, would be nice, when I'm up.

9th January 2014, 11:53
yep me too in interested after everyone else in line of course :-)

9th January 2014, 21:32
to denmark for a 1.7-2 kg parcel which i guess it would be including the cd games... i need to find a way to weigh it before i box it all up
royal mail under 2kg is 13.85, over 2kg it jumps to nearly 45 because royal mail won't handle over 2kg

my galaxy s3 mini doesnt connect mass storage via usb so im jhaving issue getting photos off phone, bah

26th April 2014, 23:35
I got some photos and renewed the title to match my new found time :) I do have a back battery panel too

4th August 2014, 22:50
just seeing if anyone is interested at all these days :)

i'm uncertain whether itll be over or under 2kg, but under 2kg is 9.10 signed for on royal mail

or 6.50 on collect+ for over 2kg + a box
or 5 on collect+ for under 2kg + a box :)

4th August 2014, 22:52
im still interested

5th August 2014, 00:55
Me too :D forgot all about it, although it was 6 months ago :o

Pm sent regarding postage/payment.

5th August 2014, 10:49
whos actually in line for this with the official expression of interests?

5th August 2014, 10:59
I read it as

1st - Gaeokerena
2nd - nam
3rd - dj.echo
4th - bobpard
5th - slk486

I don't see sneeker in line as I don't see his declaration of interest only a question asking which model case it was

5th August 2014, 13:37
I read it as

1st - Gaeokerena
2nd - nam
3rd - dj.echo
4th - bobpard
5th - slk486

I don't see sneeker in line as I don't see his declaration of interest only a question asking which model case it was

ill start afresh from yesterdays bump and say
1. bobpard
2. sneeker

ill reply ^^

5th August 2014, 22:29
if the mods choose a priority order i'll accept that of course.

oh yeh, i was trying to find the battery cover panel, i can't at the moment, if a buyer comes through, ill provide the panel by taking it from my own white saturn ------ found it phew

7th August 2014, 19:17
posted to bobtard can finally mark thread as sold :D

14th December 2014, 19:48
Ah, may have been interested in this. Nevermind.

As it's been sold and nobody has noticed! :roll: I will close for you...

Wait... did we not need confirmation of Bob receiving it?