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4th December 2013, 19:46
Selling on behalf of a friend; I have this in my house and it will be me shipping :thumbsup:

Macintosh Classic II.

I don't know much about this machine and I have little interest in it. It powers up and boots to the desktop and shuts down when you ask it to. It comes with the original mouse and keyboard which seem to work fine. It makes a bonging noise when you turn it on :D

The machine has the marks left from some old labels and some scratches on one side. The whole lot could do with a clean.

I couldn't get the disk drive to format a floppy, but the disk goes in, is recognised and ejects OK.

You'll need a kettle power lead to fire her up.

UK only postage on this one for now, and I'll probably use Collect+.

I'm thinking 50 including UK postage or a 10 discount if you come and collect it from Edinburgh. Paypal by gift or you can pay the fees if you like, cash on collection is fine too.

Now for some fruity pr0n...


The pictures probably make it look a little cleaner than it is.

15th December 2013, 22:09
Krimbo price drop :thumbsup:

16th December 2013, 19:41
Or swap for Lotharek SD floppy emulator ;)

17th December 2013, 13:52
Interested pending some questions:

- Can you test the floppy drive further? Why can't you format a disk? Do you think it's the media or the drive?
- Do you know if the battery inside, one of those leaky sausage types, has been exchanged for a coin button type to avoid leaking?


17th December 2013, 14:40
Hi Akira,

Could be the media or the drive to be honest. My blank 3.5" floppies are of questionable origin. I just threw most of them away. The ones left will format in my Risc PC but they won't format on my BBC Master or the Mac. However, I have to say that the drive may not be working as I haven't managed to test it properly.

I've never opened the case and its previous owner didn't either. I don't have a long enough torx driver to get into it, but I expect that it probably has its original battery still fitted.

17th December 2013, 16:15
Yeah I understand that, nowadays it's VERY hard to find floppies that aren't bit-rotten.
I'll have to pass on this as it's a future brick waiting to happen with the leaky battery and I don't really want to service it. Thanks though!

18th December 2013, 23:44
Hello mate - I'm interested in this. Can you PM me with where in Edinburgh you are and if you'd be willing to wait until we're all back at work in the new year to pick it up?



18th December 2013, 23:45
Good day sir. I am driving through Glasgowland tomorrow morning if its any help?

18th December 2013, 23:47
Well actually - it is as I'm working from home tomorrow - will drop you a PM


19th December 2013, 01:00
Sale agreed with Skilgannon :thumbsup:

19th December 2013, 15:36
Sold to the man from Glasgow :thumbsup:

Off to leave feedback :readit: