View Full Version : Wanted OpalVision

7th December 2013, 07:27
I'm looking for an OpalVision Rev. 2.0 Board. Make me an offer. :)

EDIT: Might also be interested in Rev 1.0 but need a picture of the card in that case

7th December 2013, 21:25
You wouldn't have something to trade? I'm looking for a MegaChip or 16mb GVP memory?

7th December 2013, 21:29
Nope, cash only. Sorry.

8th December 2013, 07:50
Not sure what these thing go for hows $70us sound? I only have the card and i think the original disks I never used the card but if you're interested I'll throw it in a2000 and test it out.

Also I checked ebay to kind of get a feel for a price there's a version one for $25us right now ending later today

8th December 2013, 10:12
Yes, 70$ is a bit too expensive. The problem is also the shipping, it wouldn't stay at me for that price but I'd also get shipping and customs on top of it.

I saw that listing, the seller sadly didn't ship to germany.

8th December 2013, 17:52
Best I could do on shipping is around $25. If you cant find anything local let me know I would like it to go to a good home.