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28th March 2010, 22:51
Over the past mth I`ve been sorting out my Amiga Stuff so here are some items for sale:-
All Games are big box games & I would think some are rare too, All are as priced and does not include postage & packing.

Photon Paint Version 2:- no instructions 2
M1 Tanks platoon:- Complete VGC 4 SOLD
Putty:- Complete 5 Box skuffed
Captain blood:- 3 SOLD
Trolls (Not AGA) Complete 4 box skuffed
Midwinter:-VGC 4
Loopz:- MINT complete with poster 5 SOLD
Puznic:- No instuctions 3
Mystical:- MINT 5 Tested on 4000 not working
Castle Master:- VGC complete 4 SOLD
Arkanoid:- no instuctions 3 SOLD
The Immortal:-Complete :4 SOLD
Renaissance:-1 disk 4 games 3
Tetris:MINT 5 SOLD
Jungle Strike:- CD32 version CD and box no instuctions 4 SOLD

Now for some reason I have 2 of these:-

Vahalla the lord of infinity:-Both Limited Editions
one is MINT complete with poster perfect: 10
one is as above but no poster and a few skuffs on the box 8
Valhalla Before the War:- MINT 10

Again there are 2 of these and as far as I know are rare:

Hammerfist:- both Complete boxed I`d say both are in VGC 10 each
One of the Hammerfist now SOLD
Zool:- Complete with stickers & picture post card 8
Zool 2:- Complete 8 SOLD

All games are plus postage please PM for pictures as I have no idea how to put pictures on here :roll:

I have aslo found a large bag of Commadore C64 Tape games, I`ll try to list these soon.