View Full Version : Closed NOS Amiga 500 if they still exist - $300

30th March 2010, 06:02
NOS Amiga 500 if they still exist
-$300 plus shipping to 32909, U.S.A.
-Complete with computer, mouse, PSU, Workbench disks and manual, don't need the TV modulator and I am not sure if they come with those anyway

If you got two I will gladly take them

Please double bubble wrap the box and ship in extra large box with styrofoam chips

30th March 2010, 06:25
I know there is someone in Argentina(South America), who bought unsold stock from an ex Amiga shop owner, he published photos of them on Amiga.org. These A500 were new in box, never opened. He was asking about 350 US + shipping. But I am sure you can probably arrange something.

You should contact user gavilan from Amiga.org for further details.

Good luck!

30th March 2010, 09:01
In the exact scense it does not have a TV MODULATOR. Even the composyte is in B&W.

Others pointed the rgb to scart cable as solution to me.

30th March 2010, 16:05

30th March 2010, 20:46
Red sadly closed down his shop and sold off all his redundent stock a few years back so chances of finding a 500 new is slim to nil. He had quite a few new items like 1541 MkII drives and C64c's.