View Full Version : Closed Amstrad 6128 Case, maybe floppy drive too.

30th March 2010, 16:42
A bit of a long shot, but here goes.

I have dug out an old CPC6128. It was in a sorry state, all muddy :o, case is broken in places, :o:o, keyboard bent :o :o :o, floppy drive missing :coffee:. I felt sorry for it at a car boot sale so bought it in the hope of using it for spares.

Anyway, after a bit of re-flowing of solder around the video connector, a complete strip down and scrub up and reshape of the keyboard, it now powers on, and displays a nice stable video image.

However, the case is physically broken and most of the screw holes are wrecked. I guess the previous guy lost one too many games on it and thumped it good and proper :thumbsdown:.

So, has anyone got a case for a 6128? Even if I have to buy upper and lower seperate, I think it would be worth it to give the poor machine a new lease of life.

Also, does anyone have a 3" floppy, and the special curly cord connector that connects to the 12v from the 6128 - again, I dont care if you have one or the other or both - I have just ended up emotionally attached to the poor blighter and would like it restored to its former glory.