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30th March 2010, 19:13
I'm after a few things:

* Virtually any type of floppy drive - I've got quite a few computers that lack a floppy drive (or I want a 3.5" drive for - but I still need 5.25" drives too). Just let me know what spares you have and I'll accept or decline appropriately. In particular I'm very interested in:

** Bog-standard PC 3.5" drives

** DD PC 3.5" drives

** Any form of PC 5.25" drives

** Any form of Acorn floppy drives (3.5" or 5.25")

...but I could do with some other more obscure types of drives too.

* Colour ribbon for Panasonic KX-P2135.

* Classic mac DA-15 monitor to VGA DE-15 converter

* A few floppy cables (5.25" ones (including ones that also have 3.5" connectors), with and without twists)

* Some of those weird 4.5V RTC batteries for old computers and Macs

* A USB dialup modem that is compatible with Linux (if you can find out)

* Some drive caddies that allow you to place 3.5" drives in 5.25" bays

I'd also like some advice - in about half a year's time, I'll probably buy a new motherboard as I'm getting fed up with this one's limitations. I'm only interested in a new motherboard that'll fit in with the rest of my existing hardware. Can someone advise me on a motherboard that has the following features:

* Core 2 Duo-compatible (not sure what socket # that is, but I can check if need be)
* DDR2 RAM-compatible, at least 2 slots (preferably more)
* At least 3 SATA ports, preferably 4 or more
* PCI-E graphics card port
* Lots of USB ports, and at least two headers on the motherboard (for a card reader and case ports)
* Integrated ethernet
* Serial port (>=1)
* Parallel port (>=1)

Now for the things my current motherboard doesn't have enough of or lacks altogether:

* >=2 IDE ports (my current one only has 1 and I'm forever juggling drives around, I swear I've broken one or two just from having to move them so much)
* >=1 floppy port, whose controller supports >=2 drives of most types (my current one only supports 1 drive, and only DD or HD 3.5")
* >=5 bog-standard PCI ports - my current one only has 3, which simply isn't enough - I want to have at least a sound card, wifi card, TV card, dialup modem and firewire card at once, so I have to juggle, and I nearly broke my computer the other day doing this - I had boot on PCI turned on, and my PC turned on when I was inserting a PCI card, wiped the BIOS settings but caused no other damage.
* A decent internal sound card, that supports 4.1 surround (weird I know, but I don't want to buy a new speaker system) and a microphone at the same time (I have to rely on an external sound card, which further worsens the problem above) and has a header for case ports.
* If it has integrated graphics, I need to be able to turn it off
* Ditto with wifi, though that's less important (I can just blacklist the driver in Linux)

If there is still much choice left after this long list of demands (:p), I'd also quite like:

* A header for a serial port so I can put a 25-pin serial port directly on it
* One of those shiny quick-boot-up-into-Linux-from-ROM thingies
* Moar ports - firewire, extra serial...

(As you can see, I'm sort of going for nice modern features with plenty of retro features so I can still use Amiga hard drives, a variety of floppy disks, etc.)

Hmm... this might turn out expensive...

31st March 2010, 21:50
I've got a big box of bits you're welcome to raid. IDE drives, FDD, Smaller HDD's 20-40gb, IDE/FDD Cables, etc. Maybe you have something Amiga you want to trade?

Do you ever come up towards the Kent/London area/s?


1st April 2010, 12:26
I've got a big box of bits you're welcome to raid. IDE drives, FDD, Smaller HDD's 20-40gb, IDE/FDD Cables, etc. Maybe you have something Amiga you want to trade?

Unfortunately not - I'm surprisingly low on Amiga parts for a person on a (mostly) Amiga-related forum ;). I could obviously pay with money, but not with other goods (well, not Amiga-related anyway)...

Do you ever come up towards the Kent/London area/s?


Again, not normally I'm afraid. I don't think I've ever been near Kent...

1st April 2010, 13:15
I'll try and get some pics of what I've got and then maybe we can look at a parcel if there's anything you want, wouldn't want much for it really, just the post covered and maybe a beer or two for the effort :D


4th April 2010, 12:00

Sorry for the daly, heres the most relevant stuff I have in the box of spares along with lots of cables tha probably won't be of much interest.


Let me know if there's anything you want .