View Full Version : For Sale Mediator 3000Di

17th December 2013, 09:06
We'd like to remind You that we have still Mediator 3000Di (http://retroami.com.pl/product.php?id_product=69) in stock. Price (depending on exchange rate) is about 290€.

Units available: 4;
Units sold at retroAmi: 1;

You can buy Mediator here by declaring interest, for price 290€ (+ shipping cost) or through RetroAmi (http://retroami.com.pl) web site.

Payment by IBAN or PayPal (as a gift or add +4% to cover PP fee)

Don't forget to check updated shipping costs (http://retroami.com.pl/cms.php?id_cms=1) and our last Xmass promotion (http://retroami.com.pl/modules/plblog/frontent/details.php?plcn=news&plidp=3&plpn=christmas-promotion).

Thanks for looking