View Full Version : Closed Scandoubler, external or otherwise, for 1200

31st March 2010, 18:39
Hello. As title. I've been thinking about my Amiga setup and come to the conclusion that I need to site it next to my PC and share the TFT with it via a switch rather than have another screen/monitor setup. So, scandoubler needed.

Pennies are tight, so I can't go nuts and splash out the full price on an Indivision AGA but if any of you kind souls have any scandoubler/ff solution that you can part with, I'd love to enter negotiations with you.

An external device is fine by me, my 1200 has been quite heavily modded with an internal CD drive and a rear mounted externally accessible CF HDD, so is full of ribbon cable and I don't even know if it's got the room to take an internal SD/FF...