View Full Version : Wanted Blizzard 1260 / CSPPC / CS MKIII ( working or dead )

18th December 2013, 15:26
I need it for spare parts ( few integrated circuits ) to repair two dead cards.
It could be floaded, or broken mainboards.
It could blocking powering on of Amiga.
If cards are complete and appears boot menu ( even if once at few times ) and there is some others problems ( etc. red yellow green colours, no working scsi, not detecting memory, status deffective in menu, rebooting ), I can pay really good money.

18th December 2013, 18:28
Does it mean you'd be interested in Blizzard PPC 603e 160Mhz+MC68040 25Mhz card? I have one. It does work, but hangs up at random frequently. After 30-45 minutes of using, the system becomes unusable.