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23rd December 2013, 04:16
Hey all, I'm an old Amiga demo programmer. I've recently been getting back into the groove with WinUAE, but it's just not the same as playing with real hardware. I want to get back into it for real. I don't have the hardware chops to get this done, so I am hoping I can get someone to build/restore a machine for me.

I know it is a large request, and it won't be cheap, or fast. My rationale is:
1. If I have to really get into the programming again, I need the floppy emulator
2. I have to get it to a level where my wife would accept it into the living room. It would have to not look old or dirty, not smell, and not have circuit boards hang out of it.
3. I want something that can last for a while.

I currently don't own any of this hardware myself. I hope someone may be able to assemble it all, and send it as one big thing.

So here is the laundry list of what I hope for:
* A500 rev 6, with UK or US keyboard
* 1/2 mb additional trapdoor ram
* ideally 110v power supply (if need be, I can use 220-240v, but I would rather not)

Any necessary repairs and cleanup:
* Disassemble, strip, clean, remove all traces of smells
* wash and Retr0bright case+keys+power supply
* Replace battery, capacitors and if necessary wiring and other parts

* Install a HxC rev C inside the case instead of regular floppy drive
* Add a Switch to toggle between 1mb chip and 1/2 chip 1/2 fake fast
* Add a Switch to toggle between ntsc and pal

If you think you can do this, please tell me.

23rd December 2013, 16:46
Or alternatively, if you know of anyone that can do this, please send me their contact info. It doesn't have to be an amibayer, it just has to be someone with the time and experience :-)


6th January 2014, 11:22
PM received and sorting this...

7th January 2014, 07:22
Yep, thank you for taking this on. Can't wait to see your work :-)

13th April 2014, 07:50
The machine arrived. Everything looks great. Now I just need some video cables so I can actually try it. Thanks again for hooking me up