View Full Version : Wanted kipper2k indivision aga & indivision ecs adapters

23rd December 2013, 07:59
Looking for Kipper2k's adapters

1) Indivision ecs vga adapter & cable
- for a600, the cable ought to be long enough for the RF modulator spot

payment via paypal.

23rd December 2013, 08:25
These are definitely NOT kipper2k's adapters you are looking for unless i didn't understand.


EDIT: My bad!! I didn't read carefully what you wrote. So, i would second what 442_Mike wrote. Kipper2k has also a site where you can order directly, i suppose.


23rd December 2013, 08:47
I've got one of his ECS cables for my A500, he was able to make it the perfect length that I could have my output exit underneath the rear of the floppy drive (same as on the A1200, with its knock-out port). Why not just message him with what you need? His email address is on his website.

23rd December 2013, 10:26
i've emailed him and sent him a few private messages on this site, but have gotten no answer. therefore this thread :(