View Full Version : Closed Broken or Non functioning A600 motherboard with chips

29th June 2008, 18:50
Hello there my fellow AmiBayers...

In a few weeks I have project coming up that requires certain Amiga Chips, Now I could scourer to the ends of the universe however its unlikely I would be able to find a vendor for them so... I am left with robbing them from another motherboard..

Now I absolutely HATE the idea of butchering a working motherboard.... infact I find the idea both repugnant and abhorrent!

So I ask any of you if you have A broken or non-functioning A600 motherboard for sale ?

if so, wrap it up, weigh it and let me know how much to a location in the UK :)

Credits will be given in my hackery journal and obviously as a nice touch and thank you I will probably put your nickname down on any board I build from it :)

29th June 2008, 19:14
@ Zetr0

Exactly which chips do you need from the board? I stripped an A600 board recently of the main chips and memory, I also have a spare 2.05 ROM or two.

If it's the CIAs, Gayle, Paula, Gary chips etc., I may be able to assist you in your quest....

29th June 2008, 19:16

my friend, I am after the 8735 Agnus :D

I am hoping to build an interface and memory board for the A500 / A2000 for 2MB Chip :D

29th June 2008, 19:24
Result! I have an 8375 Agnus with your name on it...

I will post it out to you tomorrow.


29th June 2008, 20:04
@ merlin you haven't got a 2.05 rev 37.350 lying around for my a600

sorry to hijack this post zetr0 but if you dont ask you dont get


29th June 2008, 20:09
@ jimbob

Sorry, all I have are 37.300 ROMs.

29th June 2008, 21:53
Result! I have an 8375 Agnus with your name on it...

I will post it out to you tomorrow.



I love you long time! :D

1st July 2008, 15:43
I've just been rooting through all my gear in preparation for a clearout and have found the manual to the 3 State 2mb Agnus expansion I have.
Unfortunately it's in German.
I can scan it across to you if it's any help, spreken sie deutsch?

1st July 2008, 17:57
@ r0jaws

/posing on

Ja, ich kann gut Deutsch sprechen, lesen und schreiben, danke.....aber ich brauche nicht deinen Buch.

/posing off

Thanks but no thanks r0jaws, I have enough to do without translation as well.... :mrgreen:

1st July 2008, 18:16

Got the Heart of the Wizard 2MB Chip board in the post today!

Uber thanks Merlicious!


I would like to have a lookie if i may my friend, I can eventually work on a translation for amiga.resource.cx / www.amiga-hardware.com (http://www.amiga-hardware.com)