View Full Version : Wanted Looking for a 500+ bottom case

26th December 2013, 03:25
Hi Guys I have a nice looking A500+ except for the yucky bottom case. Anyone have a nice and clean (No yellowing) one for sale.


27th December 2013, 20:46
i have one a500plus for sale ...but shipping cost to usa is realy killer !!!

27th December 2013, 22:10
Just a little tip.. 500 and 500+ cases might not be identical as some may think. I got a nice looking 500 bottom part which I meant to use with my 500+, but it is actually a few mm narrower so it doesn't fit well with the top and it can also be seen that the right and left screw holes are slightly misaligned.

I'm not sure if it is generally a 500/500+ difference or maybe just production date difference?

30th December 2013, 06:15
I don't buy this. They are identical. I had a regular 500 bottom case and it fit a 500+ top case.

Maybe your case parts were deformed?

30th December 2013, 06:55
Very true. They are identical. The only difference is the A500 Plus badge on the top part of the case.