View Full Version : Sold New Years Sale: 99.00 for Sega Saturn, Super Famicom, FREE Dreamcast + games!

27th December 2013, 09:34
I am selling my Sega Saturn and Super Famicom and Dreamcast separately in these threads:




I really need to get rid of everything so if some one is willing to take all three items off me I can give a big discount of everything for 99.00 (was 115.00) for the Saturn, Super Famicom and Dreamcast (essentially that is thrown in for free) shipping would be via Surface which is 37.00, you can have it sent via Airmail but it will be quite expensive as the parcel is 8.6kg and will cost around 90.00 for air shipping.

27th December 2013, 12:37
If anyone is interested I can send the parcel by tomorrow otherwise the Japan post will close from Sunday.

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Price drop to 99.00 for everything, can`t say that is a bad deal :)

27th December 2013, 12:50
Interested in this - PM will be sent in a bit.

27th December 2013, 12:52
OK, I will keep an eye out for your PM.:thumbsup:

27th December 2013, 13:02
Payment sent :)

27th December 2013, 13:05
Payment received :), will get packing tonight and try to have it sent tomorrow. I will change the thread to sold now :thumbsup: thank you for your fast payment.

29th December 2013, 00:26
Sorry for the delay, needed to find a bigger box due to all the bubble wrapping. Will get it sent next week.

8th January 2014, 05:59
Everything has been packed and shipped via Surface on Monday. :)

18th March 2014, 12:24
Box received - not had time to test. But it was packed extremely well. Thanks Ami.